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Cosplay Stitch And Seam

Nov 29, 2019

Pannon and David play Dread before Anime Banzai with friends.

There are spooky words like "swears" and "drug mentions" so be warned. Speaking of swears, VFire and the gang are streaming today on the Cosplay Stitch and Stream! They will be playing a scary game and VFire's filter is going to be super off. Enjoy!


Nov 22, 2019

David, Pannon, and VFire ask about being hip with kids and watching the latest and greatest in Anime shows.

We are now streaming on the Cosplay Stitch and Stream on Twitch! Watch for that about once a month and join us for cosplay craziness. Episodes are uploaded to youtube afterwards so you never miss a moment!


Nov 16, 2019

David chats with behind the scenes in the green room with the contestants of the Anime Banzai Cosplay Contest!

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Music by Maycey Roberts and Sound Editing by David Jeffress