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Cosplay Stitch And Seam

May 22, 2024

We talked about being cringey at cons. But what is cringe and how do you go about doing the things you enjoy when people around you say it's cringe?

Well we don't talk about it all that much but we do not edit most of the podcast. That's fun right? 

May 17, 2024

Pannon and Jaguarquinn will be doing a charity give away Sunday May 19th 11 AM MST

You can find out more here

David is on faer own and is going to talk about their special interest and the drama around Eurovision... Come join in on the fun


Eurovangelists Podcast



May 8, 2024

Ever miss a deadline? 
Worry about picking up from where you left off? 
How do you stay focused when new shows and costume ideas keep coming out? 
The gang talk about what motivates them, finding your style and offering options on what's best to keep yourself motivated to that finish line. 


Don't forget to join our...