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Cosplay Stitch And Seam

Aug 13, 2020

How has cosplay changed over the past 10 years? Momma Sammu Cosplay joins the team today to talk about all the crazy changes over the past decade of crafting and the internet!

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Aug 4, 2020

How do you recycle your old cosplays? Join us on this episode as we talk about finding green materials and letting the old materials and cosplays find new life with good ol reduce, reuse, recycle!

Jul 27, 2020

Our guest today is none other than Alex XAngel Cosplay. The team talks with her about mash up cosplays, what gijinka is, and how to create original designs!

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Jul 9, 2020

We have a Patreon! Support the group at and get access to the live video and past videos of our D&D Cosplay adventures. Audio only will be uploaded one month after the live session, so you can have early access and see what crazy stuff we get up to when playing D&D. Love ya'll!

Jul 5, 2020

Happy Birthday to the team! How do cosplay nerds party? What is your fav themed party? Share with us!

It's your Birthday by The Blank Tapes
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